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What is your home’s value?

Numerous websites such as Zillow or Trulia can provide an estimate as to your home’s market value. However, these are not always accurate. Many use Automated Value Models (AVM’s) to determine the estimated value. These estimates don’t consider things such as improvements or comparisons of specific details (for example location, views, etc.) that can affect your property’s actual market value. And if you look closer, usually just below the estimated figure, you’ll see a range - the estimated figure is usually just the midpoint of that range.

An appraisal can offer a much better estimate to your home’s value, however it mainly uses a comparison of past sales. The purpose of an appraisal is usually to help provide some assurance to a lender in the event of assumption/default. It’s not necessarily focused as to what the property can sell for in the current market. Appraisals are also not free; they can cost a few to several hundred dollars. In some cases, such as unique property, an appraisal might still be necessary.

To get the most accurate valuation, a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) should be conducted. This is typically referred to as “running comps.” As a listing agent, I will personally visit your home and conduct a CMA for you completely free of charge and with no strings attached. I will look at the specific details of your home, its condition and then systematically compare it to similar homes that have recently sold, those that are currently up for sale and what’s actually happening in the current market specific to your neighborhood. To get started, simply call me at 520-270-6427 to schedule a time.

Can we list and sell your home?

After conducting a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), we can discuss pricing your home and listing it for sale. We’ll review the important details, such as what you may still owe on the property, any other liens, how much you need to walk away with (net), any repairs/improvements that were done or needed, the costs of selling (brokerage fees, closing costs, potential for concessions), how fast you need it to sell, etc. After that we’ll discuss a strategic and multifaceted marketing plan, custom tailored and aimed to sell your home for the best possible price, within the time frame you need. Finally, we will go over a detailed timeline and expectations from the point when your home is listed on the market until the transfer of ownership is complete. 

How do we set the sales price?

We all want to sell our homes for top dollar and (usually) as fast as possible. We’d like to have our cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out that way. Setting the sales price is a delicate balancing act where we need aim for equilibrium. We want to keep it on the market for just the right amount of time to get the best possible price.

Some points to consider about pricing LOWER:

  • We don’t want to have it sell too fast, and then be left wondering if we could have got more by listing it higher and maybe waiting a little longer.
  • The costs of mortgage payments, taxes, utilities, etc. from having a house on the market longer add up and could potentially outweigh the difference in sales price.

Some points to consider about pricing HIGHER:

  • We’ll miss out on the initial surge of interest that occurs when a new home comes onto market. Research shows significantly fewer buyers will look at homes that are overpriced.
  • A home could become stigmatized in the eyes of buyers if on the market; thinking that something might be wrong with it.

Every situation is different. Due to life’s circumstance, sometimes people may need to sell their homes fast. Some people may not be in any hurry to sell. We also need to factor in what potential buyers may want to negotiate. In any case, as your listing agent, I will take the time to fully understand your situation and discuss the best strategy with you.  

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